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AdWords Performance Grader

Benchmark your AdWords performance and see where you can improve

Optimization Strategies

Review optimization strategies and launch algorithms to optimize PPC

One-Click Undo

Track every changes and easily undo strategies in just a click

Quality Tests

Track 404 URLs, find duplicate keywords, set ads extensions, etc.

Automate Best Practices

Adapt bidding to quality score, avoid limited by budget campaigns, etc.

Budget Control

Set global budgets for your campaign and adapt Max.CPC accordingly



AdSpike is based on a series of smart algorithms that analyze your campaigns that are running on Google AdWords. It suggests automated actions to optimize the performance of these campaigns. For an example, one of our algorithms computes the best CPC for every keyword and reshuffles it daily to reach an optimum.

AdSpike needs to run on average for 21 days to complete the first optimization strategy and find an optimum. But you might already see some improvements after 6 or 7 days.

After scheduling one or several optimization campaigns, just keep calm and relax. We will launch a series of algorithms one at a time to improve your performance. On average, it takes 6 months to reach an optimum on all your campaigns. After this period AdSpike will continue to improve automatically.

Yes, AdSpike is a complementary tool to manual or automated actions (with third party tools) that every AdWords advertiser takes (create new campaigns, create ads, define keywords, set the initial max CPC, etc.). Then, AdSpike will run on top of your campaigns to optimize the CPC, to add new keywords, to check URLs, automate A/B testing, etc.

For example, in Google AdWords, you:

  • add a new keyword "Beautiful Table", with a Max CPC of 3.31$

AdSpike may:

  • Add more keywords to reach the long tail "beautiful table in San Francisco", "beautiful high table", etc. Then it will monitor these keywords and activate/deactivate them according to A/B tests.
  • Change the max CPC of you keyword to optimize the overall budget of the campaign.
  • Continuously check that the campaign is clean: the URL is still valid, the conversion rate in leads is good, etc.

While you always have the opportunity to manually manage your AdWords campaigns we recommend you do not apply any changes on campaigns for which an AdSpike optimization is running. To easily identify these campaigns we have added a label “AdSpike Running” in Google AdWords.

Yes, if you manage several customers accounts on Google AdWords it’s easy to access to your list of customers and use AdSpike for each of them directly from your AdSpike dashboard.

You will be charged only for the customer accounts you decided to activate in AdSpike.


To let you see actual results of AdSpike, the first 30 days are free of charge, with no registration or credit card required. After 30 days, we charge you 4% of your monthly Adwords budget. That’s it. We accept the following payment methods: VISA, Mastercard or Amex.

With our referal program, you get $25 of free AdSpike credits for every free trial visitor referred by you.

This amount is automatically deduced from your next invoice. If you are in the free trial period and if you refer enough people to cost your invoice costs, you won't even have to provide a credit card to continue using AdSpike.

You can access the referal program from the top menu when logged in AdSpike.

By using AdSpike, there is no commitment for any duration. You can cancel your registration at anytime from your account settings.


When you register to AdSpike we pull data from your Google account (Google AdWords and Google Plus profile) to enable the optimization by AdSpike. All data pulled is confidential and remains your property. You can revoke access at anytime from your Google account directly.